Wedding Gift Etiquette

From toasters to travel, newlyweds will receive lots gifts to celebrate the start of their marriage. Before you start planning your registry, though, it’s worth considering wedding gift etiquette.


  • Don’t expect gifts: Although you’re likely to receive gifts from all of your guests, don’t expect a gift from everyone. Gifts aren’t required, and there’s absolutely no minimum amount your guests should spend.
  • Never ask for cash: While honeymoon registries are becoming more common, it’s never acceptable to ask for cash gifts. Some guests will give you a card and check, but many guests won’t feel comfortable with this and will prefer to buy you something tangible.
  • Register for different price points: You might want to deck your house out with the finest linens and china, but your unemployed cousin probably can’t afford those types of gifts. By registering for gifts at many different price levels, your guests won’t feel like they have to spend more than they can afford. It can also be worth registering at two stores for more price variation. Some guests will also prefer to shower you with a lot of smaller items rather than one big-ticket item.
  • Be thankful: Always send a thank you card, and send them within a month of your wedding date. Be genuine, personal, and grateful in them. If you get a gift you really don’t like, thank the giver and make a decision whether to keep or donate the item itself.

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