3 Ways to Make Sure Your Photos Disrupt Your Wedding Day

You wouldn’t want to have a wedding without photos to remember it by. But too often, the wedding photos can disrupt the flow of a wedding day. Here are a few ways to ensure that your guests don’t get bored while you’re getting your photo taken.


  1. Give your guests entertainment (and food!): If you want to do formal photos of the wedding party after the ceremony, make sure your guests have something to do. Have some entertainment and food for them as they arrive at the reception location. This can keep them from getting bored and hungry while you get all the shots you want.
  2. Stage the photos: More and more couples are opting to do a photo shoot before or after their actual wedding day. By doing the posed, formal photos on a completely different day, you never need to be away from your guests. Have your photographer there on the day to capture candid shots of your guests, though!
  3. Slip away during the reception: After the ceremony, meal, and toasts, the guests will be in full party mode. Although you might also be ready to party, this can be a great time to slip away for a special photoshoot as newlyweds.

Of course, an experienced Northern Virginia wedding photographer will be able to help you figure out the right time for your photos. To get in touch with all the great wedding vendors you’ll need for your big day, check out our member directory today!

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