Using the Internet for your Wedding

The Internet has steadily grown since it was first invented, and now a large majority of people use it for all sorts of functions, but does it have a place at your wedding.  Weddings should be an event all about the sentiment, but there are several ways you can involve technology and the world wide web on your big day.

Chasing RSVPs can be so much easier with email.  People often mean to RSVP, but never get round to it, but for those last minute stragglers, what not send an email reminder giving them a faster and easier way to let you know if they’ll be there?

More people shop online these days, and so instead of having a wedding list in a store, why not use several stores where there are things you might like with an online wedding list service.  This way online shoppers can browse at their leisure and enjoy buying their gift, and you get a greater amount of choice in places you can get presents from.

There are hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter these days and so why not invite people to share their best wishes with a hash tag?  Stating ‘tweet us your best wishes with #JohnandJaynesBigDay means that you can easily see everyone’s online congratulations.

For more information on the best resources and planning your wedding visit our website.


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