4 Ways to Make Smartphones Welcome at Your Wedding

Smartphones and other tech devices can be seen as a wedding nightmare. Whether it’s guests sending texts during the ceremony or views being blocked as guests take photos, they can cause some basic problems. However, they can also be a great addition to your wedding day.

  1. Ask guests to upload candid photos. Having guests share their photos with a hashtag can make things fun, and give your guests a way to be interactive after the wedding. They can also give you a free alternative to disposable cameras.
  2. Make a game. Wondering what to do to keep your guests entertained while you’re posing for photos? Give them a scavenger hunt! A game like this can get your guests relaxed and in a fun mood, while giving you a bit of extra time.
  3. Give extra information. You probably don’t want to send a 20-page invitation, but might have more you want to tell guests. From area attractions to attire advice, you can give guests a link to lots of information by including a simple QR code for them to scan.
  4. Remember the guests without phones. The best way to make people happy about smartphones at your wedding is to remember those that don’t have them. Consider including a phone-free area at the front of your ceremony, where unplugged guests can sit with an unimpeded view.

For more tips about planning the perfect Northern Virginia wedding, get in touch with our great members. They can help you plan every aspect of your perfect wedding day.

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