How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Knowing your wedding budget is important, but actually sticking to it is crucial. Overspending can mean extra stress and even starting your married life in unexpected debt. There are ways to stick to your wedding budget, though. Here are a few.


Apples to apples: When you compare vendors, make sure you aren’t comparing apples to oranges. One vendor might have a higher price, but they might have more included. Pay close attention to what you get for a given fee, and note any potential extra charges you might face.

Take a breather: Don’t rush into anything. Take time to read contracts (take them home if you need to), especially. You might fall in love with the idea of something, but give yourself time to think befor you make any big commitment.

Work with professionals: Don’t get lured into the DIY trap. Working with wedding professionals can often save you money, and can save you a lot of stress as you approach your big day.

If you’re looking for great Northern Virginia wedding professionals, check out the members of Hunt Country Celebrations!


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