Give Your Wedding Guests Some Direction

As you prepare for your Northern Virginia wedding day, you know where your venues are, but do your guests? Don’t take for granted that they’ll know where to go, especially if you have separate ceremony and reception locations. Instead, give them foolproof directions.


In your invitation, include a map with of your venues and any other important locations. Be sure to also include details like street addresses and ZIP codes so that guests using sat navs have all the information they need.

For some venues, it might be helpful to signpost the way, too. Check local rules about temporary signs first, but even simply marking the way with small signs or balloons in your wedding colors can be a huge help.

If you are having the reception at a different location, include another map in your program. Many guests won’t have their invitation with them, so this can be a big help and keep your guests from getting lost.

When you work with the many great members of Hunt Country Celebrations, you can be sure to get all the great advice and help you need to make your big day perfect. To find out more about them, visit our member directory today!

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