How to avoid family feuds at weddings


Let’s face it know matter how hard we try nobody is perfect and emotions do tend to run high during weddings, maybe you respectfully turned down a dress that has been passed down the family or your soon to be mother in law doesn’t agree with the color scheme it’s difficult to please everyone and at the end of the day it is about celebrating the love between you and your partner.


Whilst no one like to upset family it is important to remember that they day is not about them but about you and your partner so make sure everyone remembers that but do try to be considerate whilst you may not like all of the suggestions you are getting, people are only trying to help so just politely thank them and say you will consider it. You may also find that long standing family issues may arise during the planning of your wedding and whilst these cannot be remedied overnight you can do your best to avoid outright confrontations by tactical seating arrangements for example if your Sister doesn’t get along with your cousin for whatever reason it may not be the best idea to have them sitting next to each other during the ceremony or the reception. Whatever issues you face throughout the planning of your wedding Hunt Country Celebrations can help you every step of the way to creating your perfect wedding.

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