White Mares for South Asian Groom’s Processions

The Hunt Country area of Northern Virgnia is a wonderful place for a wedding, and Hunt Country Celebrations member Harmon’s Carriages offer more than just horse and carriage services.


Harmon’s Carriages also provide the white mares (female horses) for the Groom’s Procession, or Baraats, for South Asian Weddings.

The mares are saddled, bridled, and wear an ornate brocade horse costume, and are accompanied by one of Harmon’s staff who leads the mare safely through the procession.

Cindy & John

The mares have been conditioned to the music, drums, flying scarves, and dancing of the Groom’s family and friends who precede the Groom in the Baraat. The procession dances for 25 to 30 minutes until they meet the bride’s family at the entrance to the wedding venue.


The mares have been doing Baraats for years and are very safe for the Groom to ride.

The mares can be seen on the South Asian Weddings section of the Harmon’s Carriages website. Harmon’s Carriages can be contacted at 540-825-6707 or weddings@harmonscarriages.com.

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