Vendor Spotlight: All Seasons Floral Preservation

This week we want to introduce you to another of our great vendors. All Seasons Floral Preservation goes beyond a standard way of keeping your wedding flowers, turning the pressed flowers into works of art.

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One of All Seasons’ founders, Mary Beth Lopresti, has plenty of tips for brides wishing to keep wedding flowers.

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A little planning goes a long way, it is most helpful to make the decision to preserve your flowers before your wedding day.  Here are some things to consider:

  • The freshest flowers make the most beautiful art, so your florist plays a key role in the outcome of your artwork.  Choose a florist who will use high quality, fresh flowers and arranges them in a way that is not only beautiful, but “durable.”  The wedding and reception are high energy events that can take quite a toll on a poorly constructed bouquet!
  • During a design consultation with your preservationist, it is important to discuss your specific flowers and how they will look once they are pressed.  You can also be given recommendations for specific flowers that “press well” and best hold their “live color.”

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  • For a more unique keepsake, include an invitation, program, or photo in the frame with your preserved flowers.
  • A bride with an all white bouquet may want a more colorful work of floral art.  Consider including flowers from an attendant’s bouquet or centerpiece in your artwork.
  • For brides on a budget, gift certificates make a wonderful wedding gift.  Many couples put a link to our website on their wedding site.  Family and friends who purchase gift certificates are always thrilled to be giving such a unique and meaningful gift.
  • Pick a responsible person to take your flowers after the wedding and deliver them for preservation.
  • When the reception ends, your flowers should be kept in water (and ideally a fridge) until they can be dropped off for preservation.
  • As with your other wedding professionals, it is important to select a preservationist who comes highly recommended.

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Enjoy your amazing flowers on your wedding day and know that it is just the beginning!

If you want to find out more about floral preservation, get in touch with All Seasons through our vendor directory.

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