Which Wedding Cake?

Choosing a wedding cake is definitely one of the more fun parts of planning a wedding. But it’s not easy. There’s organization and decisions involved here too. For instance, will you go for a traditional tiered cake or a modern sculpture of profiteroles or cupcakes? Will the cake fit in well with the overall theme? What type of favors will you use to decorate it? Who’s going to do it? Etc, etc, etc…


Checklist for Getting the Correct Cake

  • Timing. Make sure you give the cake designer plenty of time to plan and schedule. Most brides prefer to order the cake as soon as they have other details in stone. These include their color scheme, venue location and, crucially, the theme
  • Cut out pictures of cakes you like from magazines, flyers and brochures and keep them in a scrap book you can refer to regularly. That way you’ll eventually build up an image of your own dream cake
  • Take the scrap book to the cake designers when it’s time, accompanied with swatches of your dress as well as info on your colors and theme
  • Always taste your cake so that you know exactly how it’s going to taste on the day. This is especially important if you opt for an unusual flavor combination such as gingerbread or lemon

We work with a range of professionals here at Hunt Country Celebrations in Northern Virgina and would be delighted to refer you.

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