10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer

Choosing your wedding menu can be tough. Do you have a sit-down meal, buffet style, cocktail hour? But choosing a wedding caterer can be just as hard…especially with all of the choices out there.

To ensure you make the best decision possible, here are 10 questions to ask a wedding caterer before hiring them:

1. Do they specialize in a certain type of food? This is important if you’re looking for a unique menu.

2. Do they offer food for certain dietary restrictions — vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, etc.?
3. How many weddings will they cater on my wedding day?
4. What are your prices and delivery process?
5. How many types of staff will the caterer provide — waiters, bartenders, bussers, etc.?
6. What will the wait staff be dressed in?
7. Can I sample the menu?
8. How long before my wedding will the food be prepared?
9. Will they provide food for the other vendors — the photographer, planner, videographer and band?
10. When will you need a final head count and finalized menu?

If you’re still looking for a professional wedding caterer for your Metro Washington DC wedding, then click here for a list of caterers we recommend.

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