Wedding Professional Spotlight: Wanda’s Cakes

Wanda’s Cakes is one of our great vendors. Wanda produces absolutely beautiful – and delicious – cakes for weddings and other celebrations.


Her latest addition is fruitcake. This seasonal treat is crafted using a family recipe that dates back three generations. Though she offers them year round, fruitcake is always associated with Christmas. It’s important to order early, though, as the demand does get high. It’s also great for weddings, and it is one of the standard flavors of wedding cakes in England.

Wanda’s fruitcake can easily convert any fruitcake doubters. It’s packed full of candied fruit and nuts, with just enough flour, sugar, and eggs to hold it all together. After baking, the cake is doused with brandy, a process repeated several times, before being ready to enjoy.

The recipe Wanda uses is affectionately known as Iris’ Best Fruitcake. It developed over the years, with ingredients being substituted out of necessity while Iris’ husband was in the military. The final product has been tried and tested and it certainly is the best fruitcake.

If you’re in need of a wedding cake designer for your Northern Virginia wedding, please click here for our featured wedding professionals.

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