How To Incorporate A Dream Horse Carriage Ride Into Your Wedding Plans

If your dream has always been to have a horse and carriage drive you to your Northern Virginia wedding, there is one important thing you should take into consideration. How far do you need to travel?

A horse and carriage only goes about 4 miles per hour in town traffic, so your ceremony and reception venue will need to be within a mile or two of each other, or all on a single estate. For longer distances, you must allow extra time between your ceremony and reception for the horses to make the trip.

Of course, there are many ways to incorporate the use of a horse and carriage into your wedding, even if your venues are too far apart.

  1. Have the carriage reloaded after the ceremony and driven to a short distance from the reception.  You’ll need to allow for 20 minutes to reload and 20 minutes to unload in addition to the time for the truck to make the trip.
  2. Choose a venue that is more photogenic for your picture in the carriage. The carriage can meet you a short distance from that venue and drive you in. It can also wait during your ceremony for added atmosphere.
  3. Have the carriage meet you at the end of your reception. You can then have a romantic ride around the area before being driven to your hotel.
  4. Invite members of your wedding party on a short ride and take photos after the bride and groom are brought to the reception.

However you decide to use a horse and carriage in your Northern Virginia wedding, it will add a touch of elegance that is unsurpassed!

Click here for a list of Northern Virginia horse carriage companies and wedding professionals ready to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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