How to Dress a Stylish Groom

If it’s not enough that the bride has to pick a wedding dress that will make her look enchanting on her wedding day, we’re willing to bet that she also has to give her groom a helping hand with his outfit.

We’ve put together a few suggestions for a classic and traditional (but never boring) look for your husband-to-be:

  • If you’re going vintage, try a light tweed suit with waistcoat, and contrast it with a bright shirt.
  • His suit doesn’t have to be black.  Help him to choose a color that will suit him, and add splashes of color in the accessories, such as his tie and handkerchief.
  • A darker suit always looks better with a light or white tie and flower to break up the tone a little.
  • Is there any Scottish blood in your families? If he has the legs for it, a full wedding outfit with kilt is so much fun.
  • If everything is really formal, try a long tailcoat.

Have you decided on a groom’s outfit that’s outside the box?  Please share photos with us. But, if you’re still looking for groom attire, please check out our list of highly acclaimed wedding attire shops in Virginia by clicking here.

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