How to Organize Your Wedding Invitations

Getting your wedding invitations right is really important.  They set the tone for the wedding and, once they’re out, the excitement really starts to build!

Here is a guide to a hitch-free wedding invitation process:

  1. Start to think about your invitations six months before your wedding date.  Whether you’re ordering from a wedding stationery store or going handmade, there’s more to consider than you probably think.
  2. Choose  an invitation style that will fit with the theme of your wedding.  Whether it’s formal, wacky, vintage or uber luxurious, you’ll be able to find an invitation that fits right in.
  3. Don’t underestimate how long it will take for professional invitations to be created and printed.  Allow a couple of months for the period from choosing to collecting your invites, particularly if you’re having a big wedding.
  4. Double check the wording to make sure that all of the essential details have been      included.  Perhaps ask a few people to read over the wording as they’ll bring a fresh eye to it.
  5. Send your invitations two months before your wedding day and get organized with an attendance list when the replies start rolling in.

Let us know how you’re getting organized for your big day.  If you’re still looking for wedding invite inspiration, perhaps one of our wedding professionals can help.  Click here for a list of screened, Virginia wedding pros ready to serve your wedding.

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