How to Keep Your Wedding Costs Down

Times are still tough for most people, so couples are looking for ways to trim their wedding budgets.  However, they also don’t want their arrangements to look cheap.

Here are a few tips on how to lower your wedding spending without anyone realizing it:

  • Designer sample sales are an amazing way of saving money on your wedding dress.  If nobody minds, you should also check out rental costs on outfits for your fiancé, the best man and bridesmaids.
  • If you’re confident that most of your guests have access to the internet, you could send your wedding invitations by e-mail and print a few of your own for those whom you can’t reach that way.  Many people today are used to doing just about everything electronically, so they won’t think anything of an e-invite.  Exclude those you think would mind and send them one by snail mail.
  • If your wedding is relatively small, hiring a private space in a quality restaurant can be a better bargain than hiring a hotel.  Don’t be afraid to ask around and negotiate.
  • Borrow some jewelry from your mom or from an older female relative.  They may well have a stunning vintage piece buried at the back of their jewelry box…and it reflects your “something borrowed.”
  • Less can be more when it comes to the floral arrangements.  Large single blooms in simple glass vases can make as big a statement as complicated and expensive arrangements.
  • Seasonal food that can be outsourced locally will always cost less than imported ingredients.
  • If you have a dream honeymoon destination in mind but are worried that you can’t afford it, consider asking your guests to make a contribution towards it rather than sending a gift.  Think honeymoon registry!

Do you have any money saving tips to share?  We’d love to hear from you.  If you’re still looking for uber great wedding professionals in Virginia, please check out our group by clicking here.

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